About the Designer

I’m a music hobbyist who enjoys designing circuit boards that make music.  I prototype my circuits in software using ChucK, then translate them to electronic form which I call eChucK. 

Circuit Boards

  1. -Karplus Strong

  2. -Boolean Sequencer

  3. -Credit Card Synth

  4. -Flute


eChucK is electronic ChucK, the name I chose for my music circuit board designs because I prototype them in the music programming language called ChucK, then build them as electronic circuit boards that make music. 


What is eChucK?

How do I buy eChucK circuit boards?

You will soon be able to buy buy bare boards at the electro-music.com store, and built boards from Synthetic Sound Labs.  For the moment, prototypes are for sale directly from myself. 

I spend a lot of time reducing the size and complexity of eChucK products while also squeezing in as much functionality as possible, so you get a good value for your money.